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    Looking for the best car disposals in Gold Coast can seem like a daunting task, but not with Adrians. We are a trusted and best-rated car wrecker in the QLD area. We offer simple processes that make disposal of any type of vehicle as simple as possible.

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    We Specialize In Purchasing A Variety Of Vehicles From All Over Gold Coast

    The types of vehicles we buy include:

    • Used vehicles
    • Aging stock
    • High mileage cars
    • Classics
    • Cars damaged in accident/ hail/ rain/ fire
    • Vehicles with mechanical issues
    • Repairable write-off
    • Cars with body damage

    We know how to reuse and recycle all conditions of vehicles. That’s why our hundreds of clients all over QLD trust us to offer them top-quality services every time.

    At Adrian’s, we make selling these vehicles a hassle-free and secure process. Not only do we pay cash, but we also provide straightforward services to make the whole process quick and stress-free.

    We Specialize In Purchasing A Variety Of Vehicles From All Over Gold Coast
    We Offer Customers Ease Like No Other

    We Offer Customers Ease Like No Other

    Get instant cash for car in Gold Coast without delay!

    Thanks to our vast network of clients, we are able to offer you the most competitive rates in all of QLD for your unwanted vehicle. We waste no time putting cash into your pockets and also take all the stress out of car selling.

    Although private selling can be a bit more profitable, it is a long, tiring process in which you have to spend your time and money to get top dollar for your junk car.

    But with us, no effort is needed. Once you fill out our quote form and schedule a removal, our team handles the rest of the process and purchases your vehicle regardless of its shape, size, or condition.

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    Benefits Of Choosing Adrian’s Car Disposal Service In Gold Coast

    • 10+ years in industry experience
    • 500+ clients all over Queensland
    • Convenient online car selling options
    • Well-equipped wrecking facilities
    • Eco-friendly car disposals in Gold Coast
    • 10+ heavy-duty towing vehicles
    • Trained and licensed car wreckers
    • 24/7 online customer support is available
    • And much more

    So if you are looking for a reliable wrecking service in QLD, get in touch.

    High-Quality Car Disposals In Gold Coast

    All of our wrecking services are developed using guidelines provided by the government of Australia. So, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality of car disposals in Gold Coast

    The first step of the disposal process:

    includes taking out all of the liquid wastes from the car.

    1. The car we purchased is taken to the dismantling facility. The vehicle is loaded on a hoist, and all the chemicals are extracted.
    2. Waste oils are removed from the brake, gearbox, differentials, and engine. The waste oils are extracted by the car de-pollution system and collected into an intermediate bulk container (IBC). These IBS are later sent to waste management companies so they can be disposed of safely.
    3. Apart from oils, petrol and diesel are also extracted and stored in their dedicated IBCs.
    4. Gasses such as LPG or air conditioner are bottled and sold to waste management companies.

    Tyres are removed from the rims and sent to rubber recycling facilities.

    The first step
    The second step includes removing the parts.

    The second step includes removing the parts.

    1. Once on the hoist, our expert mechanics will disassemble it and remove the engine and the suspension. The engine is placed on a water oil separator to drain it out completely.
    2. The remaining parts of the car are also removed, cleaned and checked for performance.
    3. The parts in good condition are sold off while others are discarded safely.