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    We Pay Cash for Scrap Metal Gold Coast

    Adrian’s Cash for Cars Gold Coast offers scrap metal recycling and collection services in Gold Coast and pay you the most competitive prices in the industry. We recycle your scrap metal Gold Coast and save the planet from the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that are the leading cause of the damage to ozone layers. By collecting and processing scrap metal, we also help in reducing the environmental impacts of mining raw materials from the underground and reduce up to 95 percent of mining waste. If you have an unwanted scrap metal littering your home or workplace, sell it to us, and we will pay you cash for scrap metal.

    Scrap Metal Recycler Gold Coast

    Type of Unwanted Scrap Metal We Do Not Buy & Remove

    We buy, remove, and recycle all the domestic and industrial scrap metal waste unless it is a prohibited piece.

    Look at the type of unwanted scrap metals that we don’t buy:







    Non Metallic Refuse

    Pressure Vessels


    Adrians Scrap Metal Gold Coast

    If you want to get rid of industrial or domestic metal fast and efficiently, Adrians are known for being the best scrap metal recyclers in Gold Coast. We have Metal Recycling experts in removing the unnecessary or rusty metal from your site and buying it for top cash. Our Scrap Metal removal Gold Coast service is recognized and well-spoken for. All you have to do is contact us, and we will come to your location to take the unwanted metal and provide you with competitive market rates for cash for scrap metal Gold Coast.

    What Type of Scrap Metals Do We Recycle?

    Scrap metals include a variety of metals like brass, aluminium, copper, iron, stainless steel, nickel, lead, and zinc. There are two main types of scrap metals that we buy and recycle.

    Ferrous Metals

    Ferrous is a type of metal that contains iron. It is magnetic and usually offers little resistance to corrosion. Examples

    • Wrought Iron
    • Stainless Steel
    • Steel

    Non-Ferrous Metals

    Non-Ferrous is a type of metal that does not contain iron. It is not magnetic and usually offers more resistance to corrosion than the ferrous metals. Examples

    • Aluminium
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Lead
    • Nickel
    • Zinc

    Scrap Metal Collection Gold Coast

    We are a respectable, second-hand metal buyer company. It indicates that the services we provide are of high quality. Our professional team have the ability to handle scrap metal, so you don’t have to be concerned about your belongings being damaged. So, get your Scrap metal Gold coast a use for recycling and then resale them. This prevents them from ending up in landfills, freeing up space for other non-recyclable garbage.

    Scrap Metal Bins & Scrap Metal Recycler

    Take the hassle out of transporting your unwanted scrap metal, and let us provide you with a skip bin free of charge. Our services are ideal for commercial businesses looking for a reliable, consistent, and free metal recycling Gold Coast. We can provide you with what you are looking for to get the job done in the most hassle-free way. We have a variety of skip meta bins of every size to meet your needs. Look at some of the bin sizes that we drop off:

    10 Cubic Yard Bin

    10 cubic metal bin is designed for small and heavy metals such as,

    • Steel Machine Punchings
    • Heavy Gauges
    • Steel Plates
    • Nuts & Bolts
    • Compressors
    10 Cubic Yard Bin
    20 Cubic Yard Bin

    20 Cubic Yard Bin

    20 cubic metal bin is ideally designed for heavy metals such as,

    • Heavy Gauge Pipes
    • Angle Iron
    • Bundled Rebars
    • Brake Drums
    • Rotors

    30 Cubic Yard Bin

    30 cubic metal bin is used for larger pieces of heavier metals such as,

    • Automotive Rear Ends
    • Loose Rebar
    • Pallet Racking
    • Aluminum Motors & Transmissions
    • Steel & Aluminum Wheels
    30 Cubic Yard Bin

    Importance of Metal Recycling Gold Coast

    Scrap Metal Recycler Gold Coast is becoming more and more prevalent day by day as landfills around us begin to reach capacity. Here are a few examples of scrap metal recycling:

    Preserving Natural Resources

    One of the main reasons for recycling scrap metal is because by recycling it you can help preserve natural resources. Not only you will be helping in the reduction of natural resources that are being used, but also you will use fewer resources within your home. If you recycle more, you will unavoidably use a few bin bags and so in a small way you will be helping yourself at the same time also helping the environment.

    Scrap metal recycling
    Reducing Toxic Gases

    Reducing Toxic Gases

    The ever-rising increase in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are being released every year is one of the main causes contributing to global warming. If you recycle scrap metal, you can help in the reduction of carbon emissions which will directly reduce the levels of pollution in our atmosphere and even though we cannot yet undo the damage that has done to the atmosphere.  We could stop any further damage by recycling more and wasting less.

    Saving Our Environs

    Recycling metal helps to reduce the devastating environmental impacts of mining. Mining processes not only destroy natural habitats, but they also pollute the surrounding air, water, and soil. Toxic runoff can occur while a mine is in process, and long after it has been shut down as well, it can impact lakes, streams, and marine life for the following decades. If we compare mining for new metals, recycling old scrap and turning it into usable metal also uses far less energy. For example, it will take 60% less energy to recycle scrap steel than to mine for raw iron ore, 90% less energy to recycle copper, and around 95% less energy to recycle old aluminum. The reduced energy requirements of recycling metal mean that fewer greenhouse gasses are created in the environment.

    Saving Our Environs

    Sell your Scrap Metal for Cash

    We offer cash for scrap metal Gold Coast and pay you the best price. Adrian’s is the most professional and lucrative way to dispose of your unwanted scrap metal. Do you know when you sell your scrap metal for cash, you will get the opportunity to claim the insurance on metal? It’s all possible if you choose a certified and licensed scrap metal buying company such as Adrians. We will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that will be applicable everywhere the insurance is claimable. This certificate will be your guarantee that your metal is destroyed ethically and ensure that it doesn’t end up lying in your backyard or workplace. We are a scrap metal recycling and buying company based in Gold Coast that offers on the site metal weighing and provide a fair value that best suits you.

    Cash for Scrap Metal

    What Do We Buy?

    We buy all the domestic and industrial scrap metals unless it is prohibited in our state. Every household and industrial appliance contains a variety of metals that can be recycled or reused rather than disposed of in a local landfill. We also accept electronic waste such as computers, laptop, mobile phones, and other digital devices. We will pick up and dispose of on your behalf in an environmentally-friendly way. If you are not sure if your unwanted items can be recycled, you can also us or fill up our online inquiry form.

    How Do Our Services work?

    Free Metal Valuation

    Fill up our online quote form or call us and speak to any of our representatives today for a free valuation of your scrap metal.

    Free Pick Up Or Drop Off

    We offer free pick up as well drop off and pay you the best price for your scrap metal. If your backyard or workshop is full of unwanted scrap metal, our collection bin service is designed to take the stress out selling your scrap metal. We also specialize in scrap car body removals and pay you top dollar.

    Highest Cash

    We pay you the highest cash for your scrap metal.

    We Are A Family

    Adrian’s is a privately owned family business devoted to recycling for the preservation of our future. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Adrian’s has developed a solid reputation in recycling waste, scrap metal, auto parts, and second-hand tyres. We specialize in paying cash for cars and offer instant quotes for your unwanted car or scrap metal. Adrian’s services areas of South-East QLD focusing on the buying, processing, and selling of all ferrous and non-ferrous metal. We make selling your recyclable items easy with our 24/7 free scrap metal drop off centers, car and scrap metal collections, and our free skip bin service. We serve Australia wide for large projects including mining, quarry sites, large factory cleanouts, and more, call today to find out more!

    Upcoming Projects

    Look at some of our upcoming projects:

    Auto Wreckers
    Claw Project
    Magnet Project
    Hover Dam

    You can call us now to know more about services.