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Please spare some time to read the terms and conditions declared on our site to clear any vagueness before pursuing the services. Accepting our terms and conditions makes you eligible to employ our services in the best way you can. To protect the company policies and the rights of the consumers, these stated terms allow both parties (Adrians and the customer) to work under legal formalities.

Who We Are?

Adrians is a significant car removal company that has been operating in different parts of Australia for many years. The continuous improvement in our work approach has made us prominent among car sellers. Our streamlined process allows the customers to receive competitive cash for cars deals without getting engaged in car-selling miseries.

To sell your old, damaged and unwanted vehicles in an eco-friendly manner, you are requested to book an online quotation. You can make an informed decision regarding the sale with the instant offer.

Eligibility Criteria

To avail yourself of our comprehensive services, you must not be under 18. Moreover, you must not be a resident of any state that does not accept our services legally. You must own the title of the vehicle to sell us your car.
If you are selling the car on someone’s behalf, our team will need all the relevant documents verifying your authority to sell the vehicle. In certain events, we would also require a written statement from the person in the car’s ownership declaring permission granted to you to sell the vehicle.

More About Our Services

We serve everyone who falls under the criteria of eligibility mentioned here. Our team rejects any query placed by a minor (anyone under 18 years of age) or a resident of a state where our services are restricted. By submitting the details through the quotation form, you are entitled to a fair offer based on the condition and the value of your vehicle.
The offers placed are generated with the current market analysis and the condition of the vehicle in view. Any false information can be subject to termination or alteration in the offer without prior notice. If the requirements are not being met, we have the right to suspend the services temporarily or permanently.

User Responsibility

As a site user, you are responsible for providing fair and true information. You must adhere to the terms and conditions of our site and apply only when you fall under the eligibility criteria. Please ensure that the information you provide is accurate and up to date.

Prohibited Actions

The content available on our site, including text, graphics, logo, images is owned by Adrian. We do not permit users to mishandle the content on our website and use it for personal or commercial purposes. You are not allowed to alter, modify, copy, distribute, publish or sell any content obtained from our website without our consent.

Clearance of the Vehicle

Once you accept the vehicle and book the car removal, you are requested to clear the vehicle. Remove any personal belongings from the vehicle before handing the car over to our team. We take no responsibility for any lost item once the car is brought to the junkyard.

External Link Content

The content available on our site may include links to external ads and websites. The sole purpose of creating external links is to help the users learn significantly throughout the content. There is no intention to cause harm through our content, and we are not responsible for any harm caused by using any links available on the site

Governing Law

The laws of Australia construct the terms and conditions stated. Any minor or major disputes arising from these terms will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Australia. Using our services, you acknowledge that you read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions stated here,

If you have any queries or concerns related to our services, you can reach us at: 0466 113 333