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    ADRIANS is a trusted and reliable car buyer serving the second-hand automobile industry of Queensland since nearly a decade. Don’t hesitate to sell any model, make or age of vehicle. From Toyota, to Honda, BMW, Audi, or Kia, and more, we won’t say no to any brand. Fill Out the Online Quote Form Now.

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    By rendering unmatchable benefits and perks to our loyal customers. Let’s take a look at some of them:

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    Tips To Sell Your Accidental Car Smoothly

    Driving is one of the most dangerous jobs we will ever perform. And car accidents are common and one of the sad realities of life.

    Every year, accidents claim thousands of lives and injuries. No matter how much caution you observe while driving, they will happen if bound to be. So, it’s smart to know what to do just in case you end up in a collision.

    free car removal

    Keep Calm and Cool

    That’s easier said than done. But it’s important to take control of your emotions and analyze the situation.

    Call For Medical Help

    If your loved one or any passenger gets hurt, the first thing you need to do is call for an urgent medical assistance.

    Call For Medical Help
    Get Yourself and The Car Out of Danger

    Get Yourself and The Car Out of Danger

    If the accident isn’t severe and you aren’t hurt, then carefully drive the vehicle to the side of the road and ensure that the traffic flow isn’t disrupted. Turn on the hazard lights or set reflective emergency triangles to alert other drivers.

    In case of severe collision, you better leave the vehicle at the site.

    Decide How To Remove and Arrange for Pick-Up

    You need to make a decisive step as to what to do with the accidental vehicle.You can opt for one of the following:

    1. Car Towing: If the car has encountered minor dents and is not in a running condition due to broken tires or break failure, then you can contact a professional towing service.
    2. Sell it: If the vehicle has got into a serious collision and got completely written off, you are better off selling it. Contact Adrians to sell such wrecked vehicles and avail 100% free accidental or scrap car removal from the accident site.
    Decide How To Remove
    Document The Scene and Inform

    Document The Scene and Inform the Insurance Company

    Take pictures, note the time and date, and record as many details as possible. Then notify the insurance company at your earliest. This will help you easily claim the damages.

    Notify the Police

    While this isn’t important for minor accidents, you need to inform the Police Department for the more serious ones. They will arrive at the scene and prepare the Traffic Accident Report.

    Notify the Police

    Call Cash for Cars Lamington Anytime, Anywhere

    So, if you find yourself with your beloved car, truck, van or SUV in an unfortunate accident, then fret not.

    You have our back.In fact, we are there for all your non-urgent Car for Cash Lamington needs as well. Whether you need unwanted car collection from home or office, feel free to call us.

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