Why are the causes of gas like smell upon turning on the Ac of the car?


The maintenance of the car is something that not every car owner can deal with. It might sound a bit odd to some, but it’s a reality. Because every car has a different engine with unique electronics. Therefore, its periodic maintenance is essential.

Causes of gas like smell is very common issues that can arrive when you don’t follow a routine maintenance check-up of your vehicle. One such issue is the gas-like smell when the Ac is on. Now, it’s a quite different mechanical problem. It could be because of multiple reasons. Let’s explore them.

1: Gas cap issue

According to several car experts, the culprit in this regard could be your gas cap. Yes, that traditional gas cap that you may not think of earlier. In most cases, when you go to the fuel station, either you or the filler staff often forgets to close the gas cap properly.

In such cases, when you turn on the car, you will smell something fishy. It’s not just all about the tightness here. Many times, the gas cap gets scratched. In that case, some air is left within the tight spaces that could cause such an issue.

Therefore, next time, don’t forget to inspect the gas cap once you have refuelled your car. Because, on paper, it looks like a minor thing, but results can be expensive when it turns into such an issue.

2: Find out leaks

Let us be honest, what was the first thing that came to your mind when your car gave a smell like gas? Wasn’t it something about leakage? Most probably, it would be related to some kind of leakage. So, yes, leakages are the most common cause in this regard.

In reality, there are a ton of parts that can cause leakage. First, it is refrigerant of your air-conditioning system that might be leaked. Then, simply take your car to the dealership and get its whole air-conditioning system checked.

An expert mechanic can solve such leakage issues within no time. Now, let’s talk about some other common leakages. Your car fuel tank can also be damaged. If you feel so, also get it inspected as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

So, no matter the type of leakage, you should immediately take your car to the nearest dealership for a detailed check-up.

3: Spark plugs and injectors cleaning

Spark plugs are one essential component of your car’s engine. Therefore, they should be checked at every tune-up. If not, such issues can arrive. Basically, the purpose of spark plugs is to ignite the fuel and air mixture.

If they are old, loose, or unclean, they can be a cause of gas like smell that comes when you turn on the Ac.

So, check your spark plugs. If they are in bad condition, replace them with some new ones. Again, on every routine check-up of your vehicle don’t forget to check the spark plugs gap and its condition.

Furthermore, the injectors of your car’s engine can also be the culprit here. When they aren’t cleaned for long, they can emit toxic fumes resulting in a gas-like smell. So, also get them cleaned whenever you visit your local mechanic or dealership.

4: Bad fuel pump

A fuel pump is one sensitive component of an automobile. Unfortunately, a lot of car owners don’t know the importance of this small component. So next time you experience a weird smell in your car, don’t forget to check your car’s fuel pump.

Replacing a fuel pump can be an expensive thing to deal with. Therefore, get your fuel pump inspected by a reliable car dealership. In most cases, simply replacing the fuel filter can also prolong the life of your car’s fuel pump.

5: Unclean air filter

How expensive is an air filter for a car? Probably some bucks. So, why don’t you replace at regular intervals? See, gas like smell can also arrive because of an unclean air filter. Here you have to understand the function of this filter.

As the name says, it filters the air that mixes with the fuel to form a mixture. This mixture is what your car engine runs on. Imagine how an unclean air filter could damage your engines life? So, try to replace it at regular intervals.

Benefits of keeping your car maintained

No matter which car, van, SUV, or pick-up truck you own, it has to be maintained if you want to keep it for long. So, here are some benefits of keeping your car maintained.

1: Prolongs your cars engine life

When you keep your car maintained, there is no reason that it won’t last for long, If the oil change, tune-up, and wheel rotation are done at regular intervals, you won’t be facing any such problems in the future. But, of course, the duration of internals depends upon the model you have.

2: You end up saving extra maintenance cost

Yes, there won’t be any bad smells when you start your car. Further, your cars’ engine, transmission, and suspension will remain in healthy condition. Therefore, you won’t have to spend extra on some maintenance.

3: Peace of mind

That’s the most important yet basic benefit. You have bought that automobile to drive and to get done with the weekly grocery. If it stops working for some reason, it’s a total waste of money. Once you keep your car in top-notch condition, you are less likely to be in terrible condition.

Your car won’t be emitting any type of smoke, and also, there won’t be any bad smell coming from the engine bay. Isn’t that peace of mind? That’s what you get when you don’t delay your car tune-ups.


Now you know why that smell came when you last turned your car on. Look, there could be a ton of reasons. However, the solution is just one, and that is “routine maintenance”. As we highlighted, don’t delay any tune-up in the future. That’s pretty much it.

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