What Does it Mean To Have a Car Frame Damage?


Have you just been in a vehicle accident and your mechanic told you that your car has frame damage and here you wonder, “What is frame damage?”. Read more to know all about car frame damage.

What is the Car Frame Damage?

The frame of a vehicle is the car’s primary structural support. The frame’s primary purpose is to sustain the vehicle’s weight. It also assure the driver’s safety in the event of a sudden accident, as well as safe drivability on the road.

These are often constructed of iron or steel, and they come in a range of shapes and sizes. The ladder frame and the Unibody frame are the two most prevalent types of frames.

So, frame damage generally refers to when a vehicle’s structure has been weakened by a collision or any impact. It may not, however, always imply a considerable amount of damage.

Is it unsafe to drive a car with frame damage?

When a car’s frame is broken or damaged, it poses a risk to the driver and cars on the road because it loses its ideal driveability.

In addition to these dangers, if not addressed promptly, the car’s frame damage can lead to other mechanical issues with your vehicle. So, in short, yes, it is unsafe to drive such cars on the road.

Frame damage types

The following are the various forms of frame damage that may occur:

  • Twisted frame damage

A twisted frame is difficult to detect, but holes in the body are one method to identify. The vehicle will tilt in one way more than the other. As a result, you will experience instability while driving at a higher speed.

However, it is most difficult to detect this type of damage, but if you ignore it, these gaps can cause the vehicle’s tyres and coils to wear down faster over time.

  • Mash frame damage

When a car is hit from behind or in a head-on accident, mash damage occurs. As a result, the frame folds in on itself, resulting in a frame that is shorter than it was before.

Distortion or creases in the hood, fenders, rails, or frame horns are common signs of this sort of damage.

The bad news is that crushing damage may happen even in low-speed crashes. In addition, mash damage may cause considerable wear and tear on the remainder of the car if left untreated.

  • Sway frame damage

When a vehicle is struck in the corner or t-boned, it suffers from sway damage. As a result, the frame bends to the left or right. If you have sway damage, you’ll notice that your car will drift to the left or right rather than driving in a straight manner.

For any driver, sway damage may be a real troublesome. Vibrations will be felt, and it may create drive shaft problems. In addition, the misalignment might potentially harm the gearbox of the vehicle.

How can you tell if your car’s frame has been damaged?

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Visibly twisted – look for a twist or bent area outside of the car.
  • The alignment is incorrect – if your car moves in one way while you are driving straight.
  • The wheels aren’t in the right place – If you’re going straight and your car is moving diagonally, you’ve got a bent frame that has to be fixed right now.
  • The panels don’t line up – if it is bent, the doors, windows, and body panels may not line up properly.
  • Uneven tyre or suspension wear – a bent frame can cause uneven tyre wear by affecting the suspension and alignment.
  • Unusual sounds while driving – a bend in the frame might result in creaking, squeaking, or other strange noises coming from the vehicle’s side, front, or rear.
  • The car is vibrating while driving.

Cost of damaged frame repair

A frame damage is a serious problem that can be expensive to repair. Repairing even small damage to your car’s structure can cost hundreds of dollars. Often, they will have to lift your vehicle only to identify the damage, and then they will need specialised gear to rectify the problem. This indicates that the price rises in proportion to the severity of the damage.

If your car frame is damaged, should you fix it?

Damage to a car’s structure may often be rectified. Dismantling the vehicle and employing realignment tools and frame straighteners may be able to bring it back to a functional state in some situations.

The degree of the damage and the expense are the two key elements that determine whether or not frame damage should be repaired. The vehicle is deemed a total structural loss if the damage is so severe that repairs are unlikely. The car is declared “totalled” if the cost of restoring the damage exceeds the value of the vehicle. So, you have your answer here!

Sell your frame damaged car

While it is feasible to drive a car with frame damage, you run the danger of substantially jeopardising the vehicle’s structural integrity and putting yourself or others in a danger. Frame damage may be easily identified and repaired by a professional auto body expert, resulting in a safer drive. However, if the damage is significant, you might end up paying more than its total worth.

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