Turn Waste Into Cash And Protect The Environment

Turn Waste Into Cash

It’s easy to make some additional money by recycling metal. What follows is a primer on where to begin. Scrap Metal Recycler Gold Coast isn’t the most exciting way to make money, but it’s a great way to do your part for the environment and earn some extra cash. You only need to know this information. Scrap metal recycling turns waste into cash and protects the environment.

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Just what is Scrap Metal?

When their metal parts are no longer needed, many goods are discarded. Things like rusty cookware, metal furniture, dismantled bicycles, and other junk are all thrown away. Instead of being reused to make new items, metals are thrown away and take up landfill space.

It’s too bad because metal outlasts most substances and can be recycled endlessly without degrading quality. Recycling old metal cans and appliances helps reduce garbage and save resources. Steel scrap, for instance, may be remelted at a much lower energy cost than brand-new steel cans. Landfill reduction is another benefit of metal recycling.

The primary distinction between metal recycling and the more common practice of recycling paper and plastic is that scrap yards pay cash for metals to be melted down. Taxpayers foot the bill for municipal initiatives, yet they save money compared to traditional waste management practices.

An entrepreneurial scrapper can make extra money by selling scrap metal to recycling centers.

Metals that are magnetic (ferrous) and those that aren’t (non-ferrous)

Ferrous metals are produced at a higher rate than non-ferrous metals but are not as useful because of their magnetic properties and low price. Non-ferrous metals are more valuable than their ferrous counterparts since recycling them does not alter their chemical qualities. Recycling scrap metal can turn waste into cash and help the environment.

Home electronics, furnishings, tires, packaging, and automobile components include ferrous metals. Alloys, aluminum, lead, copper, tin, and zinc, fall under the category of non-ferrous metals. Despite making up only 10% of recycled scrap metal, non-ferrous metals contribute 50% of industry earnings due to their higher price.

Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be collected for scrap value, and the former can be distinguished from the latter with the aid of a magnet. A ferrous metal can be attracted to a draw.

Metals that can be recycled


Copper has a greater price than other scrap metals on the market as of January 2021, with many varieties fetching $3.50 to $4.00 per pound. It’s a typical component of plumbing and electrical systems in homes. Copper can be salvaged from various sources, including outdated gadgets and computers, copper roofing accents, and the coils of washing machines, dryers, and air conditioners.


Compared to copper scrap metal, aluminum only fetches about 55 cents per pound on the market. Aluminum is common in many mechanical systems, including automobile engines and household appliances. Aluminum is commonly used for railings and fencing as well. You may also scrap aluminum cans, but you’ll need quite a few to make a pound’s worth.


Compared to other scrap metals, brass is quite valuable, and as of January 2021, it can be purchased for $1.81 per pound. Brass is used to construct common household products, including lighting, door hardware, and furniture. HVAC equipment, musical instruments, and even some forms of fine jewelry make use of it. You can also gather brass shells by visiting a shooting range.


Steel is a very inexpensive metal despite its abundance. As of January 2021, the average price per pound of steel varies between 25 and 50 cents. The steel in outdated refrigerators and dishwashers can be recycled for cash at a scrap yard. Steel can be found in the construction of many different things; many pipes and beams, for example, and the casings of old televisions and computer towers. You may sort your metal debris using a magnet to find the steel and iron pieces.

  • Additional Debris for the Scrapheap
  • Autos and auto components
  • Surge protectors and power outlets
  • Motors for ceiling fans
  • Steel for structural purposes
  • Large appliances include refrigerators, washers, and dryers (usually, it is not worth scrapping smaller items).
  • Precious metals (jewelry) from the past.

How To Recycle Metal

At salvage or scrap yards, metal is typically acquired by the pound. You can use the iScrap app or do a fast Google search to find local drop-off points.

Check your references

Find out where you can get your scrap metal. Find free metal and appliances on Craigslist, connect with local businesses, or talk to anyone working at a demolition site. Also, look for a scrap yard interested in purchasing scrap metal. Several local scrap yards should be contacted to get price quotes for scrap metal.

Set aside your garbage.

Steel is less valuable than non-ferrous metals; therefore, use a magnet to separate them. Separate any screws, bolts, or other bits of metal that can contaminate your copper or other non-ferrous metals. Put metals of the same type together. For instance, split your #1 copper insulated wire from your #2. Doing so will allow you to save money.

Acquire Your Tools

Plan how you will collect and transport the scrap metal. A vehicle or trailer is likely to be required for the collection of heavy appliances. A place to disassemble items and sort trash is also helpful. Storage room is also necessary if you plan to work with huge numbers. Scrap metal recycling can turn waste into cash and protect the environment.

Dealing with the costs of running a scrap metal business

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