Top Tyre Brands in Australia

Tyre Brands in Australia

The car tyres are one of the essential parts of the entire vehicle, as they carry the whole weight. They are the only part of the vehicle that meets the uneven surface. Good quality tyres ensure safety and impart a smooth driving experience.  

The market offers a variety of tyres, but not all of them provide you with the same driving exposure. Some tyres not produced with quality products won’t serve the purpose well.   

Find yourself a good tyre brand in Australia, so while selling your vehicle for quick cash for cars in Gold Coast, your tyres upgrade the vehicle’s value, and buyers pay you more.   

Important Functions of Tyres  

Here are some of the most important functions of car tyres: 

Weight of The Vehicle  

The vehicle’s weight is borne by the tires filled with air. The weight shifts around the roll center when the car accelerates, brakes, moves, or turns forward. When the brakes are applied, most weight is forwarded to the front tyres. On the contrary, when the vehicle is accelerated, the weight is shifted to the rear tires.   

The tires’ weight-bearing ability depends on the right filling of air pressure. This is why emphasis is laid on keeping the tires’ air pressure optimum for better handling of the car.   

Enable Vehicle to Change Direction  

Your vehicle’s tires allow it to move in any direction you wish to move along. When you control the steering wheel into any dimension, the tires help your car to project movement in that direction. They enable vehicles to change their location.   

Transmit Acceleration, Braking & Cornering Forces to the Ground  

The tires are the only part that encounters the road. Hence, they generate forces like acceleration, braking, and cornering to the road to achieve optimal performance. These forces are produced by the friction created between the tires and the road.   

Besides performing these functions, the tires play a crucial part in handling stability and providing a grip on dry and wet roads. Your safety relates to the high performance of your car tyres, which is why they need your keen care and maintenance. Checking and keeping your tyres’ air pressure maintained before you get on the road won’t make you combat problems like flattened tyres.   

Top Tyre Manufacturers & Suppliers In Australia  

If you want to get some quality tyres for your vehicle, you must know about the top tyre brands in Australia. Spending once on good tyres rather than frequently changing to newer ones is wiser.   

Sumitomo Rubber Australia (Falken Tyres) 

The tyres were first launched in Japan in 1983 and expanded in the North American market two years later. Falken tyres are said to be one of Australia’s renowned and trusted tyre suppliers. The Falken tyres are known to be the most reliable and durable in the automotive industry. The brand has focused on delivering high-quality products since the launch of the company till date. The company produces tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, motorcycles, buses, and agricultural machines.   

Toyo Tyres Australia  

Toyo tyres Australia has built a strong reputation over time by designing and manufacturing innovative tyres. The functioning of these tyres guarantees the safest and smoother drive. The company aims to produce premium quality tyres to ensure consistent performance.   

Haulmax Tyres  

The company specialises in designing tyres that suit the local condition of the roads. Haulmax tyres company ensures optimal local and freight transport performance on Australian roads. The company takes pride in saying that it is the only brand that manufactures tyres for buses and trucks specially designed and engineered for Australian roads. 

Tempe Tyres 

The company is recognized as one of the largest traders of tires in Australia, providing people with the value they spend. The company aims to put together the commitment with people to form a reliable product that helps their vehicle run smoothly, ensuring safety. The business has significantly grown in Australia and New Zealand due to continuous development.  

Maxxis Tyres Australia 

Maxxis tires offer many high-performance tires for buses, trucks, SUVs, and cars. Being the most trusted car tire brand, the company utilises the most advanced equipment while manufacturing the tires. The committed quality is delivered through high-end products. The specialised team of skillful individuals allows the company to infuse technological advancements into designing new products.   

Hankook Tyre Australia  

The company is taking a step toward becoming the game changer in the automotive market. It provides sustainable solutions to deliver ultimate user satisfaction while driving the vehicle. The 80 years long history has proven excellence through the tremendous work in manufacturing top- quality tyres. 

The Final Verdict  

The next time you get your tyre flat, you must grab some good quality tyres for long-lasting usage. Not only is buying good tyres the solution but maintaining them is very important.   

Ensure your tyres become a regular part of your maintenance cycle for a better driving experience. Get the tyres filled with the optimal pressure before heading on the road.   

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