Top Eco-Friendly Transportation Method for The Sake of Environment

Eco Friendly Transportatio Method

Transportation is primarily responsible for air pollution, which contributes to global warming by emitting carbon dioxide not to forget petrol and oil energy consumption. Automobiles are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, which are thought to be associated with respiratory illnesses and disorders.

Transportation support rising passenger and mobility needs, but on the other hand, transportation activities are linked to environmental pollution. But do you know you can choose to reduce the transportation-related pollution by means of travelling eco-friendly?

Here are some tips for riding eco-friendly and saving the earth!

Use Your Body Energy

“Choose Sweat Over Air Pollution”

The Eco-Friendly Transportation Method is using your body energy by choosing to walk or using a bicycle.

The oldest mode of transportation is walking. It can take a few hours to reach somewhere, but it is not only good for health; you can also get to appreciate what you see along the route with nearly zero environmental effect. You can carry a BPA-free water bottle for your thirst and a smartwatch to monitor your steps and heart rate.

Obviously, it is not easier or applicable to walk everywhere, but you’ll reduce your carbon footprint significantly if you opt to travel by foot to nearby places or wherever possible.

Bicycling is another mode of the eco-friendly mode of transportation that uses body energy with zero impact on the environment. It has the same benefits as walking, but you can reach places faster using a bike than walking.

Skateboarding, Electric Scooter, or Hoovering boards

Skateboarding is another mode that uses little body energy, but you don’t have to paddle all the way from one location to another.

Electric scooters and hoovering boards are also an excellent eco-friendly way of transportation since they emit no hazardous emissions. But be careful while riding these. It can be quite dangerous to you if you are off the balance.

You can also use these modes of transportations for nearby places, like going to a local park or visiting a friend nearby.

Use Public Transport for Farther Destinations

Let’s start with public transport since it carries many people at once. With buses approaching and certain trains exceeding the speed of cars, the environmental cost of transporting a large number of people at once is considerably lowered without a significant time delay.

Taking public transit is clearly more environmentally friendly than driving your own vehicle.

According to Thomas Rubin’s debate, a passenger car emits 89 pounds of CO2 per 100 passenger miles, while a packed bus with a capacity of 70 passengers carrying emit 14 pounds of CO2 only.

A train that can occupy more passengers than the bus and emits lesser CO2. So, before you think of driving your own car to the office, or any other place, think about how much it can affect the environment than choosing to ride on public transport.

While more developments are in progress to use the eco-friendly mode of transport, many countries or cities are switching regular trains and buses to electric ones.


Carpooling is similar to using public transport but with lesser people and time that matches your schedule. In addition, you can share your ride with other or peers if you are going to the exact location. Uber, Car Next Door, Drive My Car, GoGet, GreenShareCar, Hertz 24/7, Flexicar, and Popcar are some of Australia’s car-sharing apps that you can try to minimize the carbon footprint by sharing your ride.

So, if you hate to wait to stand at the bus stop or subway, carpooling is another good option that can not only save you money but you can quickly reach your destination more comfortably.

Electric and Hybrid Cars

Thinking about upgrading your car for the sake of luxury and the environment? Electric and Hybrid vehicles are becoming a norm since they are cost-effective with no fuel consumption, they don’t produce much noise pollution, and you will get the maximum comfort you can think of!

Tesla electric cars being the most popular and eco-friendly mode of personal transport.

Hybrid cars are named due to their combination of gas and electricity usage that can relatively reduce the carbon footprint. Some of the top hybrid cars available in Australia are Toyota Corolla SX Hybrid, Toyota RAV4 GXL Hybrid, Toyota Camry Ascent Sport Hybrid, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Hyundai Ioniq, BMW X5 xDrive45e, Lexus ES300h Sports Luxury, and Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Hybrid.

However, while charging the batteries in hybrids and EVs can be harmful to the environment. The manufacturing of these cars emits more pollution than the manufacturing of an average vehicle. But you cannot reasonably conclude the same impact of environmental pollution in hybrids, EVs and random cars. Since car manufacturers are trying to give their best to help the environment and consumers to benefit the most from electric and hybrid vehicles.

How Eco-Friendly Transportation Benefit You & Environment?

  • Lesser CO2 emission with more usage of public transport and body energy to go to places.
  • You save money by sharing rides and choosing to go to places by walking or using bikes.
  • Maintain and Improve the health and health of people around you.
  • Minimizing socio-economic disparities by using public transport system – it will benefit your country’s economy.

To Summarize

Every case is unique, but you might be surprised at how many viable solutions are available.

Some cities worldwide are putting money into better, more efficient transportation systems like using hydrogen fuel cells in Europe, Tesla, Toyota, Hyundai etc. are using more efficient and green cars like electric and hybrid vehicles (buses, trains, and cars).

While you may not always be able to pick the most environmentally Eco-Friendly Transportation Method, you may be able to make modifications that may lessen your environmental effect. If you want to get top cash for cars Gold Coast services, contact us or fill an online form.

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