Top 7 Smart and quick Questions to Ask before Selling Your Old Car for Dollars


Whenever you are selling your car, you need to keep an eye out for some things to maintain your car’s worth. These questions, if asked, can definitely save you from eventual tragedies and incidents. It is not at all advisable to consider such things as petty and simply move on from these. Then, you give the Road Worthy Certificate and the safety certificate to the new owner. Still, some questions should be asked before giving the car, and intelligent people have intelligent questions for the buyer. What these questions are? Let’s find out!

Question Number 1:

What’s your Budget?

Once you find a Trustworthy Car Wrecker in Gold Coast for your car, you tell him the price, right? But you should be asking the budget of the buyer if he can buy your car or not. If he is ok with it, they would be saying yes, then they can afford to buy your car, and if not, he would be bargaining with you, and that would be in a case if you had told him the price before. Or this can even help you if you’re letting him check and then he says what’s the price, and you tell him the price, and he says no. that would seriously be a waste of time you should be telling him the price of the car on your first phone call with the car buyer.

Question number 2:

What are you buying it for?

Imagine a terrorist buying your car, and you don’t know he is a terrorist without asking for a Roadworthy Certificate and safety certificate or car papers etc. But offering you good money. Would you still sell your car to him? You would think something is fishy. It is illegal, and if a criminal act happens with your car, you are also responsible for it, and the police will take you to jail. So it’s better to ask for their information and give them all the legally advised things.

Question number 3:

Personal Information

You need to get their information, such as where they live, phone number, identity card, etc. This is because if they are trying to steal your car, using your car for illegal use, or you gave him for a test drive, and they steal it and run away with your car, and imagine at that time you don’t have any of their information what are you going to do? So it is better to have his information to avoid this kind of accident in real life.

Question number 4:

Do I have any valuables In the Car Including Fuel?

Finally, before you sell your scrap car it is always advised to look for any valuables that might be left in the car. You never know what you may find! It is better to make sure that you are safe in terms of that and don’t have to worry about valuables afterwards. In addition to this, if there is a significant amount of fuel left in your car it can be handy to obtain that. Seat covers may also come in handy for your next vehicle so don’t forget to grab those too. Thoroughly look through your car and give attention to details. It is very preferable to be 100% sure before you let your car go as to make certain that you are safe and sound.

Question number 5:

Driver License

You should be asking for the driver’s license if he legally drives his car or not. That is a must whenever you’re selling your car because it is illegal to drive without the License and can put you in danger. Also, if he does not have a license, he can damage your car or fraud with you. So it is better to ask for a driver license first to avoid any inconvenience.

Question number 6:

The Form of Payment

Form of payment is also essential which is the second last stage of selling your car and buyer can fraud with you in forms of payment. And you definitely don’t want that to happen. Decide what form of payment you would want to consider and it can be in the form of debt, credit or even cash. It solely depends upon your preference. Negotiate the price and mode of payment quite closely between yourself and the buyer to avoid inconveniences afterwards.

Question number 7:

What Is the Reputation of The Buyer?

It can be easy to believe that a business is the best in the country, but it is important to see if they are the real deal before committing to them. Luckily, this is fairly easy thanks to user ratings and reviews that can be found on Google, the company’s website and review websites. Selling your scrap car on gumtree may get you a good offer, but the danger is that you might not know how legitimate the buyer is. In addition to this, a business should be more than happy to provide you with relevant certification and licensing.

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