Suzuki Is All Set To Release A Compact SUV In 2024” Suzuki Swift Cross


Suzuki always surprises and treats its fans with great cars. Be it the iconic Suzuki WagonR or the Suzuki Swift; they always come up with something different and new. Their cars have such a smooth line and are always have something great to offer. While they always come up with something new and fascinating, this time, the rumours spawn that Suzuki may release a new SUV style in 2024.

The Suzuki Swift, which is in its third generation now, has been around for four years. However, the Japanese carmaker is already readying on the next-generation model that will debut overseas next year. In markets abroad, the Swift also has a sportier cousin called the Swift Sport, the next generation of which is due in 2023.

Now they are coming with an SUV in 2024 that is based upon the next-gen Swift. So they are introducing a car that may be a significant game-changer by them and something that might come across as very surprising. The new SUV they are designing will have more sport car features that have the audience in fits.

It is called the next-gen swift-based small SUV. However, the fascinating part is that the new SUV in 2024 being designed by Suzuki will be based upon performance-focused Swift sport.

What Can We Expect From The New Suzuki Swift Cross To Come In 2024?

We don’t know much about the specifications and features yet, but Suzuki itself will soon release them. But, from what we know so far, the car has many features never introduced before. And also Suzuki features are an enhancement of already provided features. So, let’s find out some more profound insights that we know of so far!

The next-generation Suzuki Swift will reportedly be based on an improved version of the Heartect platform, which underpins the current model. It can be called an improved version of the already existing Japanese manufacturer’s Heartect platform.

The Engine

It is expected to have an evolutionary approach in terms of styling and design. It has a great interior to offer. As for the Swift Sport, due in 2023 will likely carry forward the same 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine with a 48V mild-hybrid system that powers the current model.

Best Car is reporting that the Swift Cross would utilise the future Swift Sport’s powertrain. The report states that it is rumoured to be a 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine with mild-hybrid assistance.

Unlike the Yaris Cross Hybrid, which uses a 59kW electric motor in conjunction with the 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, the Swift Cross would use a 48-volt system with a small electric motor to improve torque delivery during acceleration, reducing emissions and improving fuel consumption.

The Swift Sport will, of course, boast of a sportier design to shout out its hot-hatch credentials and will likely also come with a stiffer suspension set-up. But, as, of course, it is a “Swift Sport”, it will give off more of a sporty vibe which will be pretty evident in terms of its interior, features and specifications.

The Overall Look

This powertrain and platform will reportedly, most probably, also serve as the base for an all-new SUV that could be called the Swift Cross, which is expected to be released in 2024. It is expected to get unique sheet metal and higher ground clearance.

Not only that, the fans will get to get heavy plastic cladding on the bodywork and skid plates to complement the typical and traditional SUV look. The body will also be more upright than the Swift Sport. This will help add practicality inside the cabin, particularly for passengers seated in the second row. Now, that’s cool!

What Can We Say About All This?

After all, all this is based upon rumours and speculation since there has not been any official announcement or release. However, Suzuki can definitely indicate the release of the Swift Cross in order to fill the gap between the Ignis urban crossover and larger B-SUVs such as the Vitara and S-Cross.

Not only that, this sports SUV fits perfectly in the global portfolio of carmakers to fill this gap.

And most importantly, since there is a great rise in small SUV based cars in the market, Suzuki might also want to hop in the trend and show their charms.

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