Selling Junk Cars: A Unique and Surprising Source of Income


Most people have their junk cars sitting in their garage or yard because they don’t know how to get rid of them. And some people abandon such vehicles in an empty lot. But how good is it that parked rusted junk car to them? They must have spent their money in order to buy that car, but now they can’t even get some monetary value in return for that piece of junk.

If you are looking for some cash, why not sell your old junk car? Here is how you do it.

Selling A Junk Car for Cash

The most important thing you must be wondering that “What is the worth of my junk car?” Well, the answer is simple. The value of your junk car depends on these factors below:

  • Your vehicle make & model
  • Your vehicle condition
  • Odometer reading
  • Current scrap metal market value
  • Value of your vehicle’s auto parts

Sometimes, older junk cars or trucks can also make you good cash because of the demand for auto parts in the current market. Unfortunately, the manufacturing of new auto parts for older vehicles does not take place, so junkyards mostly looking for older vehicles salvage the parts for resale purposes.

Another factor is scrap metal price which fluctuates a lot. So you have to research the scrap metal market value in your state. You never know that it is your lucky day!

While vehicle make and model also plays an essential role in determining the value of your car, its condition takes a huge impact. If your car is old, but in good condition, that means the parts are in good condition as well. So, it all goes to the auto parts and scrap metal value.

Process of Selling Your Junk Car

Research, Research, & Research

Yes, as mentioned before, researching is very critical when selling your car. You can either look for a professional mechanic to inspect your car – however, you have to pay for their service. Or you can find the value of your car online. There are really good sites that offer online car appraisal tools. Some of them are:

  • CarsGuide
  • Edmunds
  • Carsales
  • CarAdvice
  • Etc.

You can either check the value of your car with their online evaluation tool, or you can search the make and model of your car to see what others are pricing their car. Then, check their car condition and price your vehicle accordingly.

However, people price their cars higher because of the negotiation. So, checking your vehicle worth online is not a great idea.

You can also look for the junkyards and price your car from them. In addition, there are online Junk Car Buyers who offer free online car quotations.

Since your car is just a piece of junk, then using their quotation tool is your best bet.

Repair it & Sell it

You can fix your junk vehicle yourself and sell it as a working condition car if you have the expertise and the car is repairable. This is the approach that will earn you the most money, especially if you can handle everything yourself. On the other hand, you may fetch a considerably higher price if the car is a classic and you can thoroughly repair it.

Sell Your Auto Parts Separately

If your junk car is hopeless, then you can disassemble the parts and sell them separately to a junkyard or to a merchant that refurbishes and resells old parts. You may even sell the entire vehicle to a junkyard, which will then sell the auto components to those who need to repair their own vehicles.

Look for The Reputable Company

Now that you have completed your research, the next important step is searching for a reputable company. Always go with renowned junk car buyers and scrapyards since they are more likely, to be honest, and provide good service. They are, above all, insured and licenced. Customer reviews, as always, are pretty helpful in this matter.

Sell Your Car for Cash

With the company you have selected, ask them for a quote. You will be presented with a cash quote. If you accept the offer, either you have to drive yourself to their salvage yard, or they will come tow away your car.

Sell Junk Cars Gold Coast

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