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    Today, selling a used car is more difficult than ever. Let alone sell cars with Mechanical Issues.

    With new, improved models flooding the market daily, there’s a lot of competition.

    From finding the right buyer at the right price to taking care of the repairs and ad placements. It’s all too stressful. Ali, this can literally take months to crack a deal. And here, we are talking about used, slightly used, or unwanted cars, all in perfect running condition.

    Now just imagine the struggle involved in selling a car with mechanical issues.

    But worry no more!

    ADRIANS is your trusted source for all your running and non-running cars. We buy cars Gold Coast regardless of the condition- wrecked, old, damaged, broken, mechanical and technical faulty.

    Sell Cars With Mechanical Issues
    ADRIANS Making Your Life Easier

    ADRIANS: Making Your Life Easier

    We know mechanical and technical problems in a vehicle give enough headache and stress to the owner.

    You may wonder “how to sell my scrap car Gold Coast” for the highest cash. But now no need to devise strategies and drain yourself with overthinking.

    The ADRIANS team strives to make the situation less stressful and ease the burden on your shoulders. It is for this very reason that we prioritize your comfort and convenience over everything else.

    Go ahead. And sell a car with mechanical issues. Schedule the removal and inspection when and where you are available. And, unlike other fraudulent car buying companies, we won’t rip you off or take undue advantage.

    • We Offer 100% Free Scrap Car Removal.
    • No Hidden Charges
    • Eco-friendly Car Wrecking Services
    • Free Handling of Paperwork

    Major Crux In Selling A Car With Mechanical Issues

    You are an unfortunate owner of a car, truck or SUV with mechanical issues. And find it incredibly difficult to sell it.

    Unfortunately, that’s part of the journey. Following are the main issues encountered when it comes to selling damaged cars for cash:

    However, a convenient way to skip the enormous towing costs is by choosing ADRIANS. We own a diverse fleet of tow trucks and skilled tow drivers. They specialize in removing all sizes and models of faulty, broken, accidental, scrap and un-roadworthy vehicles.

    The Most Common Mechanical Issues In Vehicles Today

    With modern automotive technology tags along the much unwelcomed complex set of problems. Here are the most frequent mechanical issues reported by users:

    The Most Common Mechanical Issues In Vehicles Today
    1. Warning Light Clicking
    2. Sputtering Engine
    3. Shaking or Loose Steering Wheel
    4. Wear and Tear of Brake Pads
    5. Squeaking and Grinding of Brakes
    6. Frequent Flat Tires
    7. High Oil Consumption
    8. Worn Out Brake Pads
    9. Oil Leakage
    10. Dead or Leaked Battery
    11. Excessive Emission
    12. Cracks in Windscreen
    13. Suspension Troubles
    14. Starter Motor Failings
    15. Clogged or Water in Transmission Filters
    16. Problems in Gear Box
    17. Sensors Not Working
    18. Lower Fuel Economy Than Usual

    Sell Cars with Mechanical Issues Without Hesitation

    When all other means fail, ADRIANS will be your loyal companion. We promise to pay a good price no matter what.

    Just follow the step below to sell cars with mechanical issues. And, say your final goodbyes.

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