Junk Car Sales 101: The Role of Metal in Final Prices


Selling your junk car can be a bit mind-wracking due to its complex and demanding nature. People sometimes, can’t really even make a point whether to sell it or not. Many people can’t make it a point because of uncertainty and lack of research. They think there have to be reasons as to why they should do so. They might that that it is not very beneficial in the long run but, it actually is. We have a guide for you that will take you through the entire journey, the do’s and don’ts and other aspects of going for junk car sales. We have everything that you want to know about without asking. Read ahead to know all the aspects of the genre. “Adrian’s is the Gold Coast’s most Reliable Scrap Metal Recycler Gold Coast company.”

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The Role of Metal in Prices – Final

The metals fitted in your car play a really very important role in the final price of your car. In fact, the metals only determine the worth of your car as a whole. The valuable the metals, the higher the final price and understandably so. Different metals have different market values. The value of a certain metal is determined by its availability in the market. Meaning, the easier it is to get a certain metal, the cheaper its price would be in the market.

There are many metals that are very valuable because it is really hard to find them in the market while there are some that are easily found in the market and will be cheaper. This obviously, directly affects the value of your car. If your car has metals instilled that are valuable (meaning, the ones that are not abundant) then, your car will also be worth higher. The metals are used in making some of the car parts. You can go through the analysis of some metals below to understand more deeply the value of your junk car. The metals are found in some parts, to know about those parts, read ahead:

Catalytic Converters

The two most abundant precious metals found in a vehicle are gold and platinum. However, there are a few others in trace quantities. A vehicle that still retains a catalytic converter is more valuable than one that does not because catalytic converters are primarily compounded of platinum. It also contains traces of other precious metals and valuable alloys, such as palladium, rhodium, cerium, manganese, and nickel. As for gold, you can find it in any vehicle that contains a computer or circuit board.

Automotive Computers

Any vehicle that has an onboard computer system that controls the engine and other functions, it also contains printed circuit boards. Circuit boards are valuable to junk car buyers because they retain gold-plated contact “fingers” at the ends where the connectors slide on. These types of computers, called powertrain control module (PCM) or engine control unit (ECU), monitors a vehicle’s engine functions, such as anti-lock brakes (ABS), transmission shifting, fuel injection, ignition timing, emission controls, and more.

Electronic Devices

Other components of a junk car that may contain precious metal are electronic. Electronics systems that contain circuit boards include GPS navigation, stereo systems, CD changers, electronic displays, screens, and more. With a few simple hand tools and years of experience, these circuit boards can be removed in a short amount of time. Electronic devices may not seem so precious but they are because of the metals that are used in their making.

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