Inspirational Women Revolutionizing The Automotive Industry

Women-Revolutionizing The-Automotive-Industry

Since its beginning, till now the automotive industry has undergone a phenomenal change. The automotive industry has developed too much from vehicle sensors to autonomous driving to the latest technologies in the apps that enable the user to pick up the call without picking it up.

But in the beginning, there was no gender diversity but now there is gender diversity in the automotive industry. But there is still one more element that needs to change…gender diversity within the automotive industry. Hitherto, industry predominantly was male-dominated but now you can hear many female names that are rising above shoulders in this field.

There was a time when women were much less interested in technical and engineering fields but now the time is over and more and more women are entering the field of engineering and technology. They are even heading the engineering and other technological fields including the automotive industry. Here are a few names of the most inspiring women in the automotive industry;

CEO, General Motors: Mary Barra- Driving Change In Automotive Industry

Mary Barra has the honour to be the first female CEO in the automotive industry in 2014. She also started her career at General Motors at a very early stage. She kept rising in her field from administrative positions to more technical positions in automotive engineering.

The day came when she rose to the position of Vice President of the company’s Global Product Development which ultimately made her the CEO of General Motors. In the same year, she was mentioned in the Times Magazine’s list of ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’

Global Automotive Partner Executive At NVIDIA: Patricia De Boer

Her career spread on 20 years where she has been concentrating on autonomous vehicle AI infrastructure and AI applications. She has rendered her valuable services in the field by transforming the business models. She made her efforts in building new markets and products in AI and data science, autonomous vehicles automation and cloud etc.

President, Chairman, And CEO At Linamar Corporation: Linda Hasenfratz

She is the CEO of Linamar which is Canada’s second-largest automobile parts manufacturer. She has the credit to be named Canada’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year. It is of course a great honour as it was for the first time given to a woman in Canada.

She has in her credit to be a volunteer at the Business Council of Canada, Western University and the Women on Boards Advisory Council that shows that women are quite capable of having success in many other fields of practical life

Senior Manager, Design At Nissan Motor Corporation: Michelle Christensen

Her name is very well known in the field of design. Michelle has in credit being the first-ever woman to assume a leadership role in the design team for a Honda supercar. She started from Volvo as an internee and went on to Acura where she was nominated as the first female exterior designer she also won an award for the Marie Clair ‘Women on Top’ award.

Network Operations Director At Renault: Louise O’Sullivan

Having joined Renault in 1995, Louise began working as a market analyst for the same company. After that she also assumed many other roles within her field of marketing then she was promoted as Head Marketing and Communications for Renault Northern Territories. Louise was then promoted to Network Operations Director. She added to the value of womenfolk in the industry.

Feature Software Developer At Zenuity

Her core educational qualification is robotics and she also did her masters in the same field. By performing well in the field, she was promoted to a higher ladder. She started her career at Ford company as a steering controls engineer. Shinjini has got an experience of more than 5 years in developing software for autonomous driving. So with her work and integrity and innovative approach, she made a good name in the industry.

Chief Product Engineer At Jaguar Land Rover: Elizabeth Hill

Elizabeth has earned a great experience of 20 years at Jaguar and put in her best efforts to carve out the future of Jaguar. She helped in product development for revamping the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. These are the plug-in hybrid models. She is among 15 highly respected Chief Product Engineers at the company.

Executive Vice President At Group PSA: Linda Jackson

Linda was the financial director at Citreon in 2005, then she kept on rising from her positions till she became the CEO of Citreon. Linda was the first English woman who ran the first major automotive business. As the CEO of Citreon, Linda stabilized and secured profitability for the company in an effective manner. After serving well in Citreon, Linda moved on to another prestigious group, PSA.

She is considered to be a highly motivated and effective leader in the automotive industry. In PSA, she is serving as Executive Vice President.

Plant Manager At Ford Motor Company: Josephine Payne

Josephine is the real inspiration for the womenfolk as she has been overseeing the manufacturing of all Ford engines, transmissions, axles and batteries all across the world. He is leading a team of more than 250 people. She has been a career in the automotive industry from a young age.

After doing her masters in electronic engineering, she joined Ford. She has given her best for 24 years in Ford, she has proved that women can change the world and they are equally intelligent and consistent. Another thing that she has proved is that women can work successfully in the automotive industry.

VP Of Global Electric Vehicle Programs At General Motors: Pamela Fletcher

Pamela Fletcher is another renowned name of General Motors. From an early age, Pamela knew her passion was to work with cars. So she chose her career by choice. She rose to the position of Executive Chief Engineer. She has served in the same industry for 16 years and was placed on the Create and Cultivate 100 list for the year 2018. Now she is vying for an all-electric car. She is also considered a role model for following a career in STEM. She is one of the highly motivating female icons that are a source of inspiration for female folk.


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