Important Factors That Increase the Fuel Consumption of Your Car

Fuel Consumption

Affording fuel can be challenging if you are running on a tight budget. Many reasons can take part in elevating the fuel consumption of your vehicle.   

If the vehicles are properly dealt with, they not only cost low to keep and maintain but generate optimum performance. As a car owner, you must be responsible for getting your vehicle serviced to protect yourself from the high cost of fuel and maintenance.   

  Poor fuel economy is a sign that your vehicle is not performing smoothly, and you need to diagnose the root cause of this problem. Many factors can play a part in causing high fuel consumption in automobiles. We are defining some potential and the most common factors that increase fuel consumption so that you can figure out the possible reasons behind the issue.   

Poor Quality Engine Oil   

The type of motor oil used in the vehicle greatly impacts mileage. The wrong motor oil can lead to greater fuel consumption, and this is because the piston and other movable parts of your engine move less freely. The machine, therefore, deals with stress and pressure, so it consumes more fuel than necessary.   

The way out of this problem is by checking your car’s manual or visiting a nearby car dealer to get informed about the right type of oil to use in your automobile. A good quality engine oil can create a significant difference in fuel consumption.   

Poor Condition of Tyres   

The older tyres in the vehicle lose traction on the road, and they must spin more to get to a certain speed than normal tyres. This momentum causes more fuel than an average vehicle consumes. Furthermore, low tyre pressure also plays a part in elevating a vehicle’s fuel consumption. The tyres must be inflated with the right air pressure per the manufacturer’s recommendation.   

Tyres in a good state improve the handling of your vehicle and, along with ensuring cost savings.   

Low Maintenance   

Any delay and neglection in servicing the vehicle are the root cause of higher fuel consumption. It is essential to let your automobile be treated by a skilled mechanic or a dealership that owns certificates from car manufacturers. Mechanics and company dealerships always have the right tools and equipment to care for your automobile professionally.   

A well-maintained vehicle scheduled for servicing frequently provides reliable driving and high fuel efficiency.  

Faulty Engine

If your car’s engine is not serviced on time, it will consume more fuel for efficient performance. Worn-out and dirty fuel injectors are a source of quick energy burning, leading to high fuel consumption.   

It is recommended to restore all the faulty parts in the engine to avoid facing higher fuel consumption problems.   

Low-Quality Fuel   

It is always important for car owners to get fuel from a reliable and renowned fuel station. Good fuel stations have chemicals that clean the engine compartments, ensuring the longevity of the car’s engine. A good engine runs with limited fuel, not becoming a burden to the car’s owner.   

Exhaust System   

All the parts in the exhaust system, including oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe leak, or muffler, play a crucial role in fuel economy. If your vehicle is not generating mileage, it should; it is always better to have professional help to work through the exhaust system.   

Excessive Idling   

If you are sitting in your car with your engine running while parked, it consumes fuel. Excessive idling burns fuel with no gain in return. A good approach is to turn the car off or put it neutral unless you need the engine running.   

Speeding & Overloading   

Over-speeding strains the engine, resulting in more fuel consumption than driving at normal speeds. Aggressive drivers who like to accelerate quickly can cause more fuel burning in their vehicles.   

Furthermore, overloading also puts pressure on the engine, as the machine works harder to produce more power, consuming more fuel.   


The car owner needs to keep up the car service schedules to maintain the fuel consumption of their vehicles. High fuel consumption becomes an extra cost that becomes a burden on you.   

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