How To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer?

Keep Your Car Cool

The summer season brings in long days with the scorching heat that can be dangerous for humans and the assets exposed to the sun. Vehicles are a targeted asset that is mostly exposed to the sun, hence getting into danger with harmful rays like UV.   

The vehicles parked in the hot weather become intense for drivers who don’t enjoy summer. Cars can heat up to dangerous temperatures (as high as 128 degrees). The summer heat cannot be avoided, but preventive measures can keep your car cool throughout the season.   

It is very important to learn some ways to reduce the heat inside your car to ensure maximum comfort for the drivers and passengers. If you believe your car cannot be the right commute in summer, sell it off for instant cash for cars gold coast to buy a model that supports the functions mandatory for summer, like maximized air conditioning.   

The following tips can help you keep your car cool in the summer and enjoy the time rather than worrying.   

Park in Shaded Parking   

One of the easiest ways to keep your car cool in summer is to avoid parking at places that come in direct contact with the sunlight. A giant tree, wall, back of a building or anything that casts shade is some of the right spots for car parking in the summers. If you are in a safe area, you can leave the windows slightly open to allow some hot air to escape.   

Use A Sunshade  

Windscreen sunshade is one of the popular ways to keep your car cool during the summer. These shades can reflect or absorb heat from the sun and keep the vehicle cooler. It is also inexpensive to keep the sun rays from heating your vehicle’s interior.   

Keep Your Car Covered  

Car covers are the most effective way to keep your car cool and protected from the sun’s harmful rays. The sunlight not only heats the vehicle but causes damage to the paint of the vehicle, as it starts to fade away with time. A layer of clothing prevents your car from getting affected by the heat. The car covers protect your vehicle from heat and dust, bird droppings, tree sap and other atmospheric pollutants. Choose a car cover designed to provide protection against UV rays and offer water resistance.   

Invest in Tinted Windows  

If you need to park your vehicle in the sun frequently, consider your windows tinted. Even if you are living in an extremely hot and sunny area, tinted windows are a necessary investment. Tinting the glass with special and high-quality films can block between 35% to 65% of solar heat transmission. Darker films are more effective, but they reduce outward vision at night.   

Park in The Garage   

It is better to park in the garage when you are staying home. Leaving your vehicle parked in front of the premises may cause your car to face extreme heat and get exposed to dust, dirt and debris. Garages are the safest place for vehicles, designed to keep them cool during the summer. When in the garage, your car will be out of direct sunlight and can have the benefits of being in near-constant shade. This will keep the vehicle cool and optimizer its performance during the season.   

Service Air Conditioning   

With the arrival of summer, it is very important to get the air conditioning system fully serviced. Consult a professional help to ensure your system can fully beat the heat. Fix any issues if the mechanic highlights them so the summers aren’t stressful, especially on long road trips.   

Use Dash Covers  

The dash covers can make your vehicle’s interior more comfortable. Covering the dash with the covers reduces the heat absorbed by the surfaces in your car. It also makes the car cool when you enter and grab a seat on a hot summer day. Dash covers protect sensitive vinyl from sun damage that can cause cracking and fading.   

Inspect The Cooling System   

Protecting your engine from overheating is very important by having the cooling system inspected. Keep an eye on the coolant levels and get mechanical help if needed. This can help you ensure that all the fluids are at the recommended level.   

Leave Your Doors Open Before Getting In   

Before directly jumping inside the hot vehicle, leave the doors open for some time. This will help the hot air exit and the cooler air enter the car.    

The Bottom Line  

It is crucial to keep your car cool during the summer to gain optimal performance from the vehicle. The tips mentioned in this blog can be a game changer if implemented correctly. Enjoy summers with the best advice and techniques and keep away from the worries and unwanted stress that the summer season might offer your vehicles.   

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