How do I get my car registered in Gold Coast?


If you are buying a new or used car, vehicle registration plays a crucial part in the process. Driving an unregistered vehicle can result in major fines. It also means that compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance coverage isn’t done by the car owner. Complete details about cars registered in Gold Coast are given below.

What is Car’s Registration?

When you acquire a car, you should obtain a vehicle registration, which you will need to provide if you wish to sell or trade it in.

State law requires you to register your car with your state’s Department of Transport & Main Roads if you own one. The vehicle registration procedure requires you to provide certain personal information as well as information on your vehicle and a registration fee. You might risk penalty costs, a ticket, and potentially impoundment if you fail to register or renew your vehicle registration. Even if you’re driving someone else’s car, it’s your obligation as a driver to ensure it’s registered with the appropriate Australian state authorities.

All cars in Australia are registered according to different state rules and regulations. Terms used as ‘The Registration’ or ‘The Rego.’

Your vehicle’s Rego is a document that identifies a car. To drive a car in Australia, you must have a valid registration. The registration must also be in the name of the car’s owner; therefore, you must transfer the registration if you choose to sell your car to a different owner.

When do you Need Your Car to Be Registered?

  • Buying a New Car

Buying a brand new car means it has never been registered; in that case, it is obligatory to register your car. However, if you buy a new car from a dealership, they will generally take care of the registration and CTP insurance.

  • Buying a Used Unregistered Car

If you purchase an unregistered car from a private seller, you must complete a new registration with your local vehicle registration authority. Because the car must be inspected before it can be registered, you won’t be able to do it online.

  • Moving to Interstate

If your vehicle is currently registered in another state in Australia, you must register it in the state where you will be living and driving it. The registration procedure differs depending on which state you’re moving to.

How to Obtain a Car Registration?

  1. Get CTP Insurance

You can’t legally drive if your vehicle has no permit and you are not carrying the CTP certificate. You have to apply for an unregistered vehicle permit and CTP either online or by visiting the transport and motoring customer service centre.

  1. Get a Certificate of Inspection (COI) or Safety Certificate

Before you can register your car in your name, it’s likely that you’ll need to get it inspected at least once to check the defects in tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, body rust or damage, windscreen, lights. However, if you are buying a brand new car, you don’t require a safety certificate.

  1. Get Your Car Registered

After obtaining the CTP insurance and COI/Safety Certificate, you will have to provide a current driving license, pay the registration fees, and you are good to go.

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Vehicle on Gold Coast?

A vehicle is registered in Gold Coast, QLD, in three different steps:

  1. Vehicle Registration Fees
  2. Traffic Improvement Fees
  3. Compulsory Third-Party (CTP) Insurance Fees

It is up to you to register for a one, three, six, or twelve months period. The vehicle type determines the cost of CTP insurance whether you have a passenger car, motorbike, or ute. In contrast, the cost of registration is determined by the number of cylinders in the vehicle.

Although you can choose your CTP insurance, the payment is combined with the registration and traffic improvement costs and is paid directly to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Check out the table below for costs of registration:

Type of Vehicle Registration Fee Traffic improvement fee CTP       Total
Vehicle 1, 2 or 3 cylinders, electric or steam $267.50 $59.35 $351.80 $678.65
Vehicle 4 cylinders $340.20 $59.35 $351.80 $751.35
Vehicle 5 or 6 cylinders $538.65 $59.35 $351.80 $949.80

Vehicle 7 or 8 cylinders

$754.35 $59.35 $351.80 $1,165.50
Vehicle 9 to 12 cylinders             $884.70 $59.35 $351.80 $1,295.85

 Note: The data is taken from the official site of

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