The effect of metal prices on old car’s value – is it significant?


Selling an old car is always a good idea, but some people don’t consider this as a good option. They prefer selling cars to car dealers instead of a scrapyard. In reality, you can get a better cash deal at a local scrap around your premises. The car dealers also sell the old car to […]

Best Tips to get Affordable Car Parts for all brands


Getting your car fixed is one hell of a task. You don’t know where to start from. Getting Auto Parts Gold Coast and repairs not only consume but money as well. To make matters worse, accidents don’t let you breathe with the daunting work. It sure is a hassle. On top of that, when you […]

How COVID-19 Impacted the Automotive Industry in Australia?


This year the automotive market is lurching from the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic. So many people lost their jobs, in-house jobs turned into home-based, declining the use of transport. With the new car sales in the first half of 2021, there is a resurgence seen. Consumers appear to have embraced the new reality after […]

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