All You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Car Wash For You


With a multitude of car wash options available at your disposal, it can get a bit doozy making the correct choice. So, if you cannot decide between self-service, automated, brushless, or touchless car wash, we can help.

We will answer all the queries related to the kinds of car washes and a detailed list of the pros and cons of each car wash. So, keep reading to know more.

1: Waterless Wash

In the waterless wash, the procedure uses just a cleaning product in a spray bottle that is applied then removed utilizing various microfiber towels. A waterless wash cleaning product is sprayed on the surface of the car and then wiped off using a microfiber cloth or towel.

Waterless wash products claim to lubricate your car’s surface properly, but they also leave your vehicle prone to surface scratches. So, this car wash type is usually a last-resort option and a DIY. You should go for it if you don’t have enough water access or are out on the road, or there’s not enough space for the hand car wash.

Pros of Waterless wash

  • Minimum equipment needed
  • Takes less time than other methods of car wash
  • Space required for cleaning is limited
  • No use of water involved

Cons of Waterless wash

  • Difficult removing grime, mud, and heavy dirt
  • Your car becomes prone to scratches

2: Hand Wash

A professional hand wash is the top way to get a car squeaky clean. There are various ways for a car hand wash, but the most crucial part of every procedure involves a hands-on treatment for the vehicle.

Whatever hand wash you adopt will involve a two-bucket procedure with pressurized foam cannons. However, most detailers do a pre-wash that covers the car using snow foam which they then rinse off.

After pre-wash, the detailer brushes down the car using soapy suds film applied with customized soft wash mitts. Then the foam breaks down grime and dirt while gloves help dirt loose from the vehicle surface.

After rinsing off the car and drying with hand, the wash is complete. It is an efficient method but a costlier one, so choose wisely.

Pros of Hand Wash

  • Minimum scratches
  • Depp cleaning of your vehicle surface

Cons of Hand Wash

  • Costly procedure than an automated car wash
  • Time–consuming procedure
  • Uses a lot of water
  • Difficult to perform in cold weather

3: Automatic Wash

Automatic wash is also known as tunnel wash, as it includes driving the car into the mechanical structure featuring a conveyer belt. The belt moves the vehicle through brushes and blowers series. The automated procedure of car wash is a popular option and attractive to car owners because of the ease of use.

The method doesn’t include any hassle and is easy on your pocket. And you can get your car sparkling clean within minutes. That is why this is one of the most affordable and convenient car wash options.

Pros of Automatic Wash

  • Takes the minimum amount of time
  • Inexpensive process

Cons of Automatic Wash

  • Harsh chemicals may damage the vehicle surface
  • The car becomes prone to heavy scratches

4: Rinseless Wash

The rinseless method is hybrid waterless and the hand wash process. The rinseless wash product gets diluted with a water bucket, and thus there’s no need to rinse afterwards. Just wipe down the clean area, and voila!

Car detailers use Garry Dean Procedure which includes multiple towels soaking in a bucket filled with water. They wrung a microfiber towel and set it aside to dry the vehicle off. And the soaked towels are used to clean the car surface.

It is ideal if you don’t have proper water access and want fewer scratches.

Pros of Rinseless Wash

  • Scratch chances reduced
  • Minimum water use
  • Faster than the hand wash procedure

Cons of Rinseless Wash

  • Doesn’t remove mud or heavy dirt
  • Requires more equipment than waterless wash

5: Touchless Wash

This type of wash eliminates hand wash processes, bristles, and brushes use. Instead, the method uses pressurized air, high–pressure water washers, and chemical cleaners.

Just make sure to ask about the exact procedure before committing. You can also do some research and find out what chemicals they used at the car service station.

Pros of Touchless Wash

  • Quick procedure
  • Costs less than a hand wash
  • Minimum chances of scratches

Cons of Touchless Wash

  • Costlier than brushless and automatic wash
  • Doesn’t remove grime and heavy dirt properly
  • Harsh chemicals may damage the vehicle surface

6: Brushless Wash

The Brushless wash process is a kind of automated car wash but replaces hard bristles with soft cloth strips. They are less harsh for your car surface than bristles. However, there is more to it. Most customers don’t know that the brushless wash can damage their cars as much as the automated wash.

Grime and dirt left on the cloth strips used for car cleaning can mar your car surface with time. Moreover, the brushless procedure uses abrasive chemicals that may ruin your vehicle’s sheen and finish.

Pros of Brushless Wash

  • Less time commitment required
  • Inexpensive and cheap process
  • Less abrasive than the brush and automated wash

Cons of Brushless Wash

  • Doesn’t properly remove grime and heavy dirt
  • Harsh chemicals can cause car surface damage
  • Chances of surface scratches

Mentioned are the common methods for car wash. Now that you know about these in detail with pros and cons, you can make an informed, and when you want to sell your car, you can get maximum cash.

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