All about Blown Head Gas Kits: Symptoms, Repair Cost And More


A head gas kits divides the two parts of the engine, one of them is a cylinder block and the other one is the cylinder head. A head gas kit makes a division in these two blocks. This is done with the purpose to prevent the leakage of engine oil and coolant to seep into the other block. The other purpose is to mellow down the combustion pressures. So the Head Gas kit performs a very vital function for the car engine.

Head Gas Kit is a thin but strong separator ye it starts getting weaker and weaker with the passage of time. Engine blocks contract and expands with heat. It gets heated when the cooling system of the engine does not work properly and eventually Head Gas Kit gets blown up.

The other reason for blowing the Head Gas Kit is the fuel detonation occurs. It generates extra gas pressure that causes Head Gas Kit to blow up.

Symptoms of Blown Head Gas Kits

1. Yellow brownish substance

If the Head Gas Kit has failed because of any reason, then you will find that the engine oil filler cap has a kind of chocolaty and/or yellow-brownish substance. It is a clear sign that the Head Gas Kit of your engine has blown up. It happens due to the mixing of coolant or water with the engine oil. But the fact of the matter is that the blown Head Gas kit is always a threat to the engine and your car as well. so always be careful about it. Symptoms may not appear properly when you are driving at short distances. But on the safer side better you check the engine oil for a dipstick that can show the proper quantity of engine oil. If the engine oil is lower than the dipstick mark, then it means that the Head Gas Kit may have ruptured and you need to repair it instantly. Otherwise, you cannot drive the car.

2. Smoke from the Silencer

A healthy gas kit will not let coolant come to the combustion area but if the contrary happens then, it is sure that the water or coolant will seep into the combustion area when you start the engine for travel. The coolant will take the shape of water vapour and ooze out from the tailpipe and exhaust will start smoking. There might be the pistons where the problem lies. But in most cases, this is the head gas kit that is in problem.

3. Coolant Level in Radiator Drops

If the engine of your car is burning coolant along with the fuel, then it means that it will surely drop the coolant level in the radiator. But not always, the reason could be something else like leakage in the radiator or coolant hose or any problems with the pipes. The crux of the matter is when you start noticing that the level of your coolant is dropping time and again and with any drop of coolant on the floor then it means that the head gas kit of your car has failed. So better fix it at the earliest possible without any break.

4. Engine to Overheat

A technical consequence of dropping the level of coolant in the car is the overheat of the engine. The overheating may not start instantly. It may take some time. The leakage may not be constant and in large quantities, so the engine might take a little longer to heat up. But even if this is the case, surely the engine will heat up once it is bound for a long distance. The thing to remember is that the head gas kits do not rupture automatically but the main cause of its rupture or damage is the excessive heat from the engine. The more it overheats the more damage will take place. But the thing that needs to be kept in mind is that always keep note of the heat stick. Heat stick indicates that the engine is getting overheated. And if at all you are going at a long distance then the engine will be more overheated. If you do not take care at a proper time, then it will cause great damage to your car’s engine block.

5. Power Breakdown

The damage to the head gas kits, in turn, damages the combustion chamber of the engine. It means that the power thus generated because of the combustion will act with thrust on the pistons. So in case of damaged head gas kits, it will surely let the gases get out of the combustion chamber. It ultimately means that the piston will not be able to act on proper pressure that causes power loss. There is a different reaction between carbureted engines and fuel-injected engines. But there might be some other causes of power loss that include but are not restricted to a bad spark plug, bad furl filter, the problem with the fuel pump or failure of timing belt etc. but one of the main causes of power loss could be damaged head gas kits.

Repairing Cost

The head gas kit in itself is not a costly thing. It is quite cheaper in the market and readily available but the repair is quite costly. The head gas kit will be available for around 200$ or so but the cost of the labour and its repair is hefty. Before you send your car to repair a blown head gas kit better estimate the intensity of the damage. If you think that the damage ids, not that bi then better, you change the engine oil instantly and mix some additive into the coolant for there are a lot of such additives are available in the market. But again it is advisable that you take your car to the car mechanic so that you get a fair idea of the condition of your engine and the head gas kit. Ask the mechanic to give a fair idea whether to go for head gas kit replacement or pouring some additive can work.

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