Adrians Gives You 10 Tips to Grow Your Automotive Service Business


Advertising advice that works for other businesses may fall short when it comes to automotive service business ideas to grow auto repair, bodywork, auto parts & accessories replacement, or car wash business. The issue with the automotive industry is that people rarely consider your services unless they are suddenly required.

It can become exhausted running an automotive service shop. From creating an auto repair shop business plan to coming up with innovative methods to attract more clients to your company, Metal Biz got you covered with 10 amazing tips below:

  1. Get an online presence
  2. Engage in social media
  3. Provide Customers with Offers & Discounts
  4. Advertise Your Business
  5. Custom-Made Accessories
  6. Work on Your Customer Service
  7. Organize Events
  8. Mutual Benefit with Local Businesses
  9. Ask for Customer Feedbacks & Reviews
  10. Schedule for the Next Appointment

Here Are 10 Tips to Grow Your Auto Service Business

  1. Get an Online Presence

We live in the Internet Age, and an online presence is a top priority these days. You’re doing your business a disservice if you don’t have an internet presence. Many individuals, particularly younger generations, search on google like “auto service near me” and believe that if you can’t be discovered online, you don’t exist.

Your website is your main display to an audience, so it should convey an appealing image of your car repair company that piques people’s curiosity and makes them want to visit. Some fundamental best practices for building a website that effectively advertises your business include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Secure your website with HTTP
  • Web content should be creative with images and a video explanation
  • Add a live chat box for online queries
  1. Engage in social media

Make use of your social media networks to offer both educational and entertaining material. For example, create an Instagram and Facebook profile as part of your car repair marketing tactics and frequently update your page with information that would be of interest to your target audience. It is completely free to sign up, and you can advertise as much as you can.

You can share your business updates about new offers and discounts, pictures with satisfied clients, pictures of the interesting vehicles you work on, your location & staff, car maintenance tips, driving tips etc.

Customers’ problems, opinions, and any questions they may have about your services may all be addressed through social media with comment sections and direct messages. In addition, engaging customers where they are online is a great way to increase brand exposure and familiarity.

  1. Provide Customers with Offers & Discounts

Offers & discounts is an excellent way to encourage clients to utilise your services and purchase your products regularly. For example, vehicles require routine maintenance on a regular basis. If your car dealership can offer this service to clients, you might offer a discount, such as “buy 2 and get 1 free”.

Consider combining auto repair services in a package to keep an old vehicle in good working order at the prescribed schedule. Monthly vehicle washes packages, tyre repair and inspection package etc.

Provide free safety inspections with a detailed report on any flaws. Inform the client not just of what has to be addressed right now but also of what should be fixed right away and what may need to be repaired or replaced in the following several months or thousands of miles.

  1. Advertise Your Business

The majority of individuals learn about their preferred car repair business through word of mouth. However, because it is the most successful type of advertising, it is critical for businesses to have a solid strategy in place.

If you provide excellent value to your customers, you can practically expect them to promote your business for you. If you serve your clients well, they will gladly promote for you for FREE. You can make an offer of referral like if the customer reviews online on social media or refer someone, they get a 5 to 10% discount on the next service or free oil change the next time.

  1. Custom-Made Accessories

Whether it’s logo stationery, key chains, seat coverings, floor mats, air fresheners, or dashboard bobbleheads, you can take your advertisement to the next level. Distinguish your company from the competition with one-of-a-kind, inventive bespoke accessories that your consumers will want to show off.

  1. Work on Your Customer Service

People often visit an auto repair business just when their vehicle needs to be cleaned or when something needs to be repaired. In other words, they only go to a car repair business when they really have to. As a result, one thing to remember is to give the most satisfactory possible service to the customer. The consumer should not be inconvenienced in any way.

Quality customer service may help boost your business forward and produce excellent word-of-mouth for your automotive service business. When your customers come to your store, offer them some complimentary tea, coffee, water, drinks or biscuits. Promptly answer your customer’s emails and phone calls and provide them with as many details as possible.

  1. Organize Events

Organizing events is one of the automotive service business techniques that can drive consumers directly into your business. For example, organizing open house information sessions, hands-on workshops for DIY vehicle tricks, and vehicle maintenance seminars is a great way to welcome new faces to your auto shop while also forming ties with former customers.

  1. Work with Local Businesses

For mutual benefit with non-competing businesses, you ask them to put your flyers or coupons with discounts to advertise your shop, and you can do the same favour for them.

For example, you may work up an arrangement in which clients of your car repair shop receive a discount at nearby eateries in exchange for publicizing your business.

  1. Ask for Customer Feedbacks & Reviews

Even if your customers do not make direct referrals to individuals they know, a positive review can help your car repair company. Always ask your customers to provide you with positive comments on social media and google reviews.

For example, if you go to a Facebook page or Google reviews site and see two check-ins from personal friends and positive reviews by other clients, you’re more likely to trust that business than one with whom you have no connection.

  1. Schedule for the Next Appointment

When someone comes in for an oil change or fluid checkup, make an appointment with them for another one so you can inspect it again.

Inform your customers that car maintenance is a continuous process that should not be put off until the last minute. A business that can send out reminders about their maintenance plan provides a vital service to their clients, allowing them to properly maintain their vehicles. You are also guaranteeing that the consumer returns to the service on a frequent basis.

To Sum Up

Tips for automotive service business tactics are only effective if they are implemented. Adrians is Gold Coast top Recyclers that provide customers with removing their unwanted scrap, junk, and old vehicles. We provide free quotations for any vehicle or metal and give free inspection onsite.

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