5 Bad Driving Habits Likely to Scrap Your Car


Your car needs care as you care your pet. If you take care of your driving habits, then the car and its parts and engine shall remain in a very good condition for a longer period of time. But if you do the contrary then the natural corollary is damage to your car or its engine. And once, the damage is caused by your negligence, the cost of repair is always hefty and sometimes unaffordable. So be careful with your car. And avoid habits that can ruin your car badly. Following is a list of top 5 habits that may cause damage to your car resulting in making it a scrap.

1.  Sudden Breaking Too Often

Usually, it happens that while on the road you may come across incidents when you need to break the car immediately. Sometimes the car going in front of you applies brakes suddenly and you do not have any other option except to brake immediately. Again, while driving you may come across moving things that compel you for sudden brakes. These are the exceptions, in fact. It does not happen in routine. But matter worsens when sudden and instant and hard braking becomes your habit not because of others but because of your fast speed, or lack of attention during driving etc. here lies the problem. In this case, you are obliged to apply brakes time and again and in a sudden and hard manner. It not only damages the brakes but also causes damage to the engine and even the other parts of your car. T ultimately wears down the life of a car.

2. Not Taking Care of Car Fluids

The most important thing that everybody take care of is the habit of checking the car fluids regularly. When we talk of car fluids then it means the fluids like, engine oil, coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid etc. it is always of high importance that you keep track of all these fluids in a regular manner. For example, if you do not care for the engine oil, and do not change the oil on time or you let the engine oil wear down then certainly it will choke the engine of your car.

Choking engine means a lot. It means you have to spend a lot of money to repair the engine. That you could otherwise save by just checking the engine oil your habit. The same is the situation with your other fluids. So the thing that you must keep in your mind is to make it a habit to check the fluids of the car regularly. If found lower or worn down, then change or keep it up to the gauge given in the car. Bad oil or lesser oil for a longer period of time may cause irreparable damage to your car.

3. Over-Stuffing Your Car

Every car has its own weight limit and capacity to carry weight. If you overstuff your car, then it means that you are doing an excess to the car. Especially when you are going a long distance and you do not care for the overweight then the car is bound to fail not only its suspension but also its engine and even other parts of the car. Moreover, it can cause damage to the tyres of the car. And when you go on long distances or you go to a hilly area then your engine which is carrying the burden wears off badly. It ultimately results in serious damage if committed over a longer period of time.

4. Too Quick Accelerating

In the technical term, it is called flooring. It means that you accelerate the car too quickly to have good transitions of the gears. It causes the automatic engine a great deal of damage.  In this case, the engine gears do not find much time to move effectively and rightly. The gear shift is most likely to wear out in case you continuously accelerate which may result in jerking. So doing such unwanted things with your car can cause real damage to the gearbox and the engine. Better stay away from doing such things with the car.

5. Unbalanced Air Pressure in the Tyres

The other habit that can cause damage to the car is not checking the tire air pressure. While going on a long drive it is a must to check up the pressure of the tyres of the car. If you do not check the tires’ pressure, it may go low which will result in damage to the wheels and tires as well.  when the car is driven at low pressure, it takes the force of the engine in an abnormal way that causes damage. Even otherwise, if you are on a long drive and your tires are leaky, they may burst at any time resulting in a bad accident. It can take your car to the scrap. Moreover, if tire air pressure is not checked regularly while going to a drive, can take too much fuel for dragging the car. So always take into consideration that the tire pressure should not be lower.

Driver Must Take Care Of The Car

The nutshell of the whole is that a driver must take care of the car that he uses. If proper care of the car is not taken, then the Auto Parts cars start wearing down rapidly. So a driver should avoid barking too often, check the car fluids regularly, check the air pressure of the car at a proper time, accelerate the car properly and not quickly and also avoid overstuffing the car. All these habits can take your car to the scrap giving you irreparable damage. Good habits always pay back effectively and nicely and bad bad habits in any set-up and manner result in damage. It holds true not only for cars and their body parts but also for other spheres of life too.

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