2021 Australia Auto Sales by Brand Analysis

Australia Auto Sales by Brand Analysis

Sales of vehicles in Australia is burgeoning in the year 2021 and phenomenal growth is being noticed since March 2021. In comparison with last three months, the sale of vehicles has gone up and VFACTS figures show another 10000 plus. While the figure was quite low in March and April this year. So May onward showing a boom in the car market in Australia. One hundred thousand plus cars have been sold during the month of May. This blog is all about details and information regarding auto sales by brand analysis in Australia. To know more about the phenomenon, keep reading!

Top Most Bestselling Brands in Australia

Toyota has taken the top followed by Mazda which usually remains at the second spot but the great stride has been taken by KIA which has jumped from sixth to the third position. But Mitsubishi has not performed well which has gone down to the sixth position. Isuzu has also performed well by regaining its position in the top 10 bestselling cars in Australia. Here is the data of the top 10 bestselling brands of vehicles in Australia and this data reflects the figures and positions of May 2021.

Toyota – 21,156 (up from 20,208 in April 2021)

Mazda – 10,554 (up from 10,052)

Kia – 7,124 (up from 5707)

Ford – 6493 (down from 7146)

Mitsubishi – 6478 (down from 7513)

Hyundai – 6450 (up from 5772)

Nissan – 4307 (up from 3500)

Volkswagen – 4005 (up from 3123)

Isuzu – 3946 (up from 2849)

Subaru – 3547 (up from 3451)

But the data provided by the sources for the month of August suggests that even in the lockdowns and troubling situations in different cities of Australia, the car market has been in a buoyant position. Australians love Utes that is why the two Utes have placed themselves in the top positions. The data for the month of August suggests the following:

Top 10 selling cars in Australia – August 2021

Toyota Hilux

Ford Ranger

Toyota Corolla

Toyota RAV4

Toyota Prado

Mazda CX-5

Hyundai i30

Isuzu D-Max


Mitsubishi Outlander

New Cars market in Australia

After the global financial crisis, this August did not prove to be a healthy one for the new car market. But the gains have been comparatively robust on a year-on-year basis the data shows that the new car market is gaining ground by 33% year on year against the previous August. According to the data 81,199new cars have been sold this August and the Victorian cars have gained almost 150% year on year.

An expert of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries was of the view that manufacturers were shrewd enough to have thorough research on how to tackle their customers during Covid- 19 pandemic situation. They went a step farther by contacting and reaching out to the customers in their homes or any other places of their own choice. It was done because of the reason that access to the showrooms was not that easy.

Another phenomenon that has struck the new car market in Australia that is the very high sale of electric-powered SUVs. That undoubtedly reflects the high demand for electric-powered SUVs in the market that makes almost the 50% of the total demand of new cars in the Australian new cars market.

According to the experts of Australian electric-powered SUVs;

“An increase of 635% on the sale of electric-powered SUVs shows just how diligently manufacturers are working with suppliers to deliver vehicles to market,”.

Top-selling brands for new cars in Australia

The month of August has proved to be the best month for Toyota with Australia’s number 1 car manufacturer taking 4 of the top 5 selling model spots.

Hilux (1st) and Corolla (3rd),

Toyota RAV4 (4th, 3,169 sales) and

Toyota Prado (5th, 2,731 sales)

On the whole, Toyota has garnered 24.6% of new vehicle sales countrywide in August, selling approximately 19,959 new cars.  On the second has been Mazda with 7,645 sales, and after that comes Kia with 5,065 sales.

This was the brand analysis of auto sales in Australia. We hope you found this blog helpful and informative.

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