10 Mistakes You Unknowingly Do And Damage Your Car


If you live in Gold Coast you might see many damaged vehicles around you. People usually overlook common driving mistakes and unknowingly damage your car.

Below are the top 10 mistakes that you might do and damage your car:

  • Over Speeding

Over speeding is one of the primary reasons behind vehicle collisions. Neglecting speed limit traffic rules can get you a ticket of hundreds of dollars and may put you and others in danger.

Try to follow all the speed limit posts while you are driving and save yourself and the vehicle from damages. If you want to reach somewhere early or have important appointments try to leave at least 15 minutes early and stay away from overspeeding.

  • Negligent Driving

Answering calls or replying to messages while driving is one of the most horrible mistakes. If you are driving try to be 100 percent attentive. Keep your eyes rigidly on the road and your hands firmly on the steering wheel.

However, if you get an urgent call, park your car in a safe zone and then pick up the call. Moreover, if you are under asleep or hungry try not to drive and call a taxi.

  • Not Driving In A Single Lane

Changing lanes in a running road might cause a collision and damage your car. Chances are high that your car will get scratches and dents.

Always drive in your lane and do not change it unnecessary especially when you are driving in the motorways. At all times, follow this safety law, if you are driving in the right lane you is not allowed to turn your lane into left and vice versa. Must read road warning signs.

  • Faulty Indicators

Forgetting in turning on indicators while driving is one of the most regular driving mistakes. It is important to give an indicator if you want to turn left, right, or backwards.

Indicator is the signals that will help other drivers know about your move about. Giving indicators will not only save your vehicle from a collision but it will also save you from hefty fines.

  • Inappropriate Use Of Side Mirrors

Side mirrors are one of the most important auto parts that will help you see how many vehicles are at your backward and sideward.

Moreover, side mirrors will also allow you to see your blind spots. If someone is driving in your blind spot, side mirrors will let you know their direction and save you both from a collision. Make a habit of constantly checking your side mirrors and noticing the number of vehicles that are quite close to your vehicle.

  • Inappropriate Use Of Headlights

Not using headlights while driving a car at night is one of the most serious driving mistakes. Whether it is raining or snow falling, always turn on the headlights when you are driving in the dark.

One more driving mistake related to headlights is turning on high beams. High beams directly impact the vision of other drivers on the road. So, if you are driving on a busy road, turning on a high beam will put you and other drivers at risk because they will not understand the actual distance between the vehicles.

  • Do Not Get Angry

When you are on the road you might bump into drivers who do not follow safety rules. Someone while turning around may not give you an indicator or someone may over the speed you.

In these situations, do not take any action by yourself. Getting angry will only harm you and distract you from smooth driving. However, if you see a driver breaking strict traffic rules and he may cause harm to other people, do call the traffic police and they will take firm action promptly.

  • Not Stopping At Yellow Lights

Yellow light is meant to slow down the car and gradually stop it. People often neglect the importance of yellow light by speeding up the vehicle and breaking the signal.

By doing it, you might be charged $$$ as it is illegal to break the traffic rules and over speed. Yellow light is also ideal to control a high volume of traffic. So, if you are driving in a mid busy day always stop at the yellow light and save your vehicle from all types of damages.

  • Unsafe Steering

Many youngsters for fun drive cars with one hand and drive negligently. If you have poor driving skills and have no idea how to firmly hold the steering wheel while turning around, you may hit your vehicle.

Nowadays, few drivers do not use both hands for grasping the steering wheel. They use forearms and just one hand to drive. It is extremely dangerous as you might lose control and may face an unfortunate accident.

  • Not In A Mood

If you are tired, hungry, busy, or ill try not to drive. According to research, drivers that are under sleep or drunk are most likely to suffer from accidents.

Do not cover high mileages if you are not feeling well. Try to be a responsible citizen and take all the safety measures when you drive. All forms of life are valuable. So, before you decide to drive, fill up your stomach and fuel your vehicle and be 100 percent attentive.

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