10 Fuel-Efficient Ways to Save Money at the Pump

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Filling up the tank is getting pricier every day in Australia. The average national petrol price reached around $1.80 per litre in May 2024, a 14% increase from May 2023. It means more money spent at the pump and fewer kilometres between refills. But you don’t have to worry about this. The blog is your guide to learning how to save fuel and drive economically in Gold Coast.

Professional Tips to Save Fuel and Drive Under Budget

Sometimes, using your car less is not an option. That’s when you have to figure out how to save fuel while driving. Following are the top 10 tips and ways from our experts that can help you save trips to fuel stations.

Steady Speed

Ever notice your fuel gauge dropping faster after a wild dash through traffic? Constant speeding up and slamming on the brakes is a big fuel consumer.

Maintaining a constant speed allows your engine to work most efficiently. Think of it like a cyclist coasting downhill. It is smooth and easy on the fuel tank. On highways (where legal and safe), car cruise control can be a helpful tool for maintaining a fixed pace.

Tyre Care

Those tyres on your car? They play a big role in fuel efficiency. Properly inflated tyres roll with less resistance, saving you money at the pump.

Check your tyre pressure monthly (and before long trips) using the recommended PSI listed on a sticker in your driver’s door jamb. Remember, worn-out tyres not only affect safety but also use more fuel, so keep an eye on the tread depth.

No Unnecessary Weight

Your car isn’t on a beach holiday, so get rid of the extra baggage. Every kilogram counts when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Excess weight in the boot, roof racks loaded down with gear, or even those heavy car decorations all force your engine to work harder, burning more fuel. Declutter the boot, remove unnecessary accessories, and watch those petrol station visits become less frequent.

The Art of Coasting

Imagine sailing down a gentle slope on a bike. Coasting in your car uses a similar idea. Taking your foot off the accelerator while maintaining speed (downhills or approaching a red light) allows your car to use its momentum instead of constantly using fuel. Remember, safety first. Always keep a safe stopping distance and be ready to re-engage the accelerator if required.

The Power of Pre-heating

For some car models, especially in frosty climates, a short pre-heat can be more fuel-efficient than a cold start. Idling for around 30 seconds allows the engine oil to circulate and warm slightly, reducing wear and tear. This can be more economical than the extra fuel used during a cold start-up struggle.

However, this tip might not be applicable to all car models or in Australia’s warmer climate. Unsure about your car? Consult your owner’s manual or visit a mechanic. Remember, Adrians offers cash for old cars Gold Coast if you’re looking for a more fuel-efficient upgrade.

AC Off Whenever Possible

Feeling the heat? Cranking up the car’s AC can be a quick fix, but it also cranks up fuel consumption. On cooler days or shorter trips, consider opening the windows for natural ventilation. This is a free and fuel-friendly way to keep things breezy. Plus, using sunshades to block sunlight on parked cars helps keep the interior cooler, reducing the need for the AC to blast when you get back in.

Planning Makes Perfect

Strategic planning can turn your next drive into a fuel-efficient adventure. By mapping out your route and combining errands, you can minimise unnecessary driving and maximise mileage.

Combine Errands

Ever feel like you’re living between the petrol station and the shops? Combining errands into one trip can reduce the number of times you have to fill up. Plan your route to minimise backtracking and unnecessary stops.

Need a part for your car while you’re out? Consider checking out auto wreckers Gold Coast. You might find the perfect used part to get your car running smoothly again, saving you money in the long run.

Outsmart the Traffic Jams 

Stuck in stop-and-go traffic? It’s a fuel nightmare. Traffic apps and navigation systems can be your allies in avoiding busy roads. By planning your route around traffic jams, you can spend less time idling and burning fuel and more time driving efficiently.

Public Transport Power

For shorter trips or errands within reach, consider using public transport. Buses, trains, or even cycling can be a great way to save on fuel and leave your car parked. Not only will your wallet thank you, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment by reducing carbon emissions.


Feeling the pinch at the pump? This blog has discussed some lesser-known secrets on how to save fuel. From mastering the art of coasting to planning your errands like a pro, these simple techniques can reduce your fuel consumption and save more money.

By adopting these habits, enjoy more kilometres between refills and experience the joy of a less frequent visit to the petrol station. So, put these tips into practice, share your fuel-saving wins in the comments below, and don’t forget to explore our other blogs for cash for cars Gold Coast advice.

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